Tips from my Taiwanese friend William.
About the flight from Huangshan Tunxi airport to Guangzhou Baiyun airport, you can take China Southern airline. You can also book online, maybe it is easier. The rate online is quite good. For example, one way for around 580 RMB, excl. fee. 2 flights everyday. 21:00-22:45, 22:15-23:45

From Guangzhou Baiyun airport to Guilin Liangjiang airport, You may take China Southern airline, Shengzhen airlines, East star air, 7-8 flights everyday. 330-460 RMB, excl. fee.

From Shanghai Pudong airport to Huangshan Tunxi airport, you can take China Eastern Airlines or Shanghai airlines, 2 flights everyday. 2050-2150, 2130-2240. 580 RMB, excl. fee

About the interesting spots in Shanghai,

1. ChienTsao sauna–It is a bit far away from the center, so you need to take the subway line 1 to JINGJIAN PARK and walk to the sauna. The address and the telephone number is on the attached JPG file, which may be easier for you to show when you ask someone in the hostel. Entrance fee.38 RMB, Buffet 59 RMB-not recommended. The bath massage I mentioned is by the shower area, not in the cabins. The masseurs are male. You should tell him you need basic back rubbing treatment around 98 RMB for 1 hour. There are more treatments you may add on, but I recommend at most take one more HONEY STEAMED TREATMENT, around 30 RMB more.

2. The floating city (ZHouZhuang) I have never been there, but my friends recommended. You can get information from

3. The museum of Chinese blue dyed textile–In the french area, an elegant local style of living. I like their products too, but not cheap. Take the subway to CHANGSHU ROAD station and walk. Not easy to find.TEL: 54037947

I forgot to mention a must in Bangkok last time. It is Jim Thompson’s villa. He is American. After his military career, he retired and settled down in Bankok. He renovated the traditional Thai house into a nice villa, with the local tectonic style.


Guangxi i Guizhou

Czerwiec 3, 2008

dwie interesujące prowincje, przede wszystkim pierwsza.

1. splyw rzeka Li pomiedzy Guilin i Yangshuo – „jeden z najpiejniejszych krajobrazow w Chinach”
2. Wioski ludu Dong – obszerny artykul w majowym National Geographic – wspaniale, kryte mosty, wieze bebnow, jeszcze w miare zachowana odrebnosc kulturowa – mnijeszosc narodowa. polecany rowniez w przewodniku pascala.
3. jaskinie Zhijin – najwiekszy i najbardziej malowniczy system jaskin krasowych w Chinach
rowniez najwiekszy stalagmit na swiecie 70m

4. Huangguoshu Waterfall – najwiekszy w AZJI wodospad – h=74m